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How do I report a pothole or a damaged street sign?
You can contact the Streets Department 903-389-2633 to report potholes and damaged street signs.

How do I request emergency services?
After hour emergencies should be reported to City of Fairfield Police Department at 903-389-3901.

How do I report a street light that is not working or burned out?
You can contact the Streets Department 903-389-2633.

How do I locate Utility Lines within the City?
Water, sewer and storm drain lines which are owned by the City may be located by calling 903-389-2633. You must also call 1-800-DIG-TESS (1-800-344-8377) for electric, telephone, gas and other utilities that may be located in the street or on private property. TV cable companies must be contacted separately for their line locations.

How do I determine when my street will be reconstructed?
The City evaluates all City streets on an annual basis. The streets are rated on traffic volume, age, drainage, structural damage and smoothness. Street projects are then developed based on available funding and the street's condition rating number.


Can I get another driveway?
Driveway approaches are regulated based on the street size, lot location, lot size and the number and size of existing approaches. A building permit is required and may be applied for at City Hall.

Who do I call for repairs on freeways and state highways?
The number to call is Texas Department of Transportation – Maintenance Office 903-389-3530.






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