Emergency Management

Fairfield’s Outdoor Warning System consists of six warning sirens that afford all areas with adequate warning.

Towers are located:
  • East side of City Hall
  • City Barn on Love Street
  • City Park, near the Rodeo Arena on Oak Street
  • Behind Dogan School on South Bateman
  • West side of IH 45 just south of US 84
  • Beside the Chamber of Commerce on FM 27

This outdoor warning system is a part of the city’s commitment to a comprehensive and coordinated effort to mitigate the effects of a hazard, prepare for necessary measures that will preserve life and minimize damage and respond to hazard or disaster events by providing the necessary assistance and emergency support functions. In order for the Siren System to accomplish its goal, it is imperative that all citizens know what to do when the sirens sound.

When the warning sirens are activated, citizens should:

  • Go inside right away
  • Turn on a radio or television to hear the latest weather or emergency information
  • Take shelter in an inside room or basement if appropriate
  • Stay off the telephone (cell phones and land lines)

The Outdoor Warning System is tested on the second Tuesday of each month at 9 a.m.

If we expect severe weather during these times, we will not activate the sirens but wait until the next clear day to do our tests.


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