Emergency Management


In order to facilitate the coordination of all the City’s resources in a time of an emergency and to expedite the needs of the City, an Emergency Management section was created. Mayor Roy W. Hill acts as the Emergency Management Director for the City of Fairfield. He has appointed William Rogillio as the Emergency Management Coordinator for the City. The section will work in close coordination with mutual aid partners, Freestone County, the State of Texas and federal agencies in a program of preparation.


  • Serve as the City of Fairfield’s primary liaison for emergency management, emergency preparedness and homeland security issues
  • Coordinate Emergency Management and Homeland Security training programs
  • Assist all City departments with emergency mitigation, and disaster planning
  • Monitor potential emergency situations in an effort to afford the appropriate early warning for the citizens of Fairfield
  • Serve as first responder to those emergency events which could have a significant impact to the City

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